Flat Roof Repair Waterloo, IA

Many commercial buildings have flat roofs, which means someday those buildings will be in need of flat roof repair. When that day comes, building owners in the Waterloo, IA, area, can rely on the skills and expertise of Star Line Coatings. Our certified technicians are knowledgeable and efficient and will take care of your roofing needs with the utmost care and professionalism.

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The Popularity of Flat Roofs

There are many reasons commercial and industrial building owners opt for flat roofs. Key among these is cost; flat roofs are one of the most affordable commercial roofing options.

There is another attractive side to flat roofs: functionality. Because of their lack of pitch, flat roofs can be accessed easily for repairs, inspections, maintenance of equipment like solar panels, and more.

This accessibility also makes it possible for building owners to locate facilities and equipment on a flat roof that couldn’t be housed on a pitched roof, such as storage structures, HVAC units, rooftop lounges and more.

The Downside

Flat roofs aren’t perfect, and as with anything, their upsides come with some downs.

The lack of pitch on a flat roof can be a catalyst for drainage problems. Where precipitation will naturally flow or slide off a pitched roof, flat roofs are prone to ponding water, which is standing water that collects on a roof and remains there for longer than 48 hours. The presence of ponding water can eventually lead to the breakdown of roofing materials.

Flat roofs have also been known to buckle under the weight of heavy snows or rain, especially on large buildings where the roof covers an expansive area.

Other common flat roof problems include:

  • Leaks (particularly along the roof seams)
  • UV damage
  • Weathering
  • Age-related issues
  • Loose membrane bonds
  • And more

An Ideal Solution

No matter what flat roof problems your building is experiencing, the Star Line Coatings team is here to fix them! We are fully licensed and insured, have a pristine safety record, and guarantee the satisfaction of our customers in everything we do.

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