Flat Roof Replacement Waterloo, IA

For every commercial roof, the day eventually comes when replacement is unavoidable. When that day comes and you need flat roof replacement services in the Waterloo, IA, area, you can count on the team of experts at Star Line Coatings to get the job done right!

Give us a call today, 319-883-1745, to schedule a complimentary roof inspection. We will send one of our knowledgeable, licensed technicians to your location to thoroughly examine your roof, assess its condition, and offer an expert recommendation regarding the best solutions to address any problems.

How Can You Know?

An alarming industry statistic tells us that, on average, roofs are replaced prematurely in 70-80 percent of cases. In other words, only 20-30 percent of the roof replacements that take place are actually necessary—the rest were either avoidable or completely unnecessary.

At Star Line Coatings, the welfare of our customers is our top priority, and that is why we work hard to ensure our clients get the very best service possible. Part of that service is working with our customers to find roofing solutions that fit within their budgets. Because we are conscious of our clients’ best interests, we will never advocate a full roof replacement if a better and less expensive alternative is available.

One such alternative we specialize in is roof coating. A roof coating forms a seamless, waterproof membrane over an existing roof, effectively correcting all leaks and other problems and restoring the roof to like-new condition. Because the coating is applied over top of your roof, an expensive roof tear-off isn’t necessary.

In addition to costing substantially less than a full roof replacement, the process of applying a roof coating is also much less disruptive to your business. A coating additionally extends the life of your roof by as much as 10-15 years or more!

The Team You Trust Is Here for You

If you suspect that your flat roof may need to be replaced, call on the professionals at Star Line Coatings, 319-883-1745, to find out for sure. We will thoroughly inspect your roof to determine whether it truly does need to be replaced or whether an alternative solution, like a roof coating, could fix its problems for significantly less money.

We look forward to serving you!