Roof Inspection Waterloo, IA

There are many things we procrastinate doing in life, putting them off until a more convenient time arises. Having your car serviced, annual doctor checkups, dental cleanings and going to the gym are just a few of the to-dos the average person often postpones—and when we postpone them, before we know it, months or even years have passed by and we still haven’t “gotten around to doing it.”

If you’re a building owner, there is one thing you should never put off for another day: Roof inspections.

As most building owners know, roofs are not a small investment—they are an expensive and vital part of your building. Roof inspections are a key component of protecting that investment and keeping it in good working order.

If your building is located in the Waterloo, IA, area, you can count on Star Line Coatings for a variety of expert roofing services, including roof inspections. Don’t procrastinate—give us a call today to schedule an inspection for your roof, 319-883-1745!

The Whys and Wherefores of Roof Inspections

Before you think to yourself (in the grand tradition of procrastinating humans) that your roof’s inspection can wait, let’s examine some of the reason roof inspections are so important.

The first (and most obvious) reason regular roof inspections matter is to keep tabs on the condition of your roof. Like most things, roof problems generally start small, but they get worse (and more expensive to fix) as time passes if they aren’t addressed properly. Having your roof regularly inspected by a professional increases the likelihood that roof issues and damage will be caught and fixed in their early stages—before they have a chance to snowball and cause damage to your entire building structure.

Another reason roof inspections are important: your warranty. If your roof is covered by a warranty, there’s a very good chance that warranty requires (you guessed it!) regular roof inspections. Failure to have your roof inspected the prescribed number of times can result in the invalidation of your roof warranty.

Yet another reason roof inspections matter relates to your insurance. When a roof damage claim is made by a building owner, one of the top reasons an insurance company may deny the claim is “preexisting damage.” If the insurance company believes the damage to your roof was already there before a storm or other event assaulted your building, you could end up having to foot the entire bill for roof repairs or replacement. However, if you’ve had your roof regularly inspected by a professional, those inspections typically include thorough documentation of your roof’s condition—and that documentation can become a lifesaver when you’re doing battle with an insurance company.

We’ll Make It Easy!

Give the Star Line Coatings team a call today, 319-883-1745, and we’ll take all the guesswork out of roof inspections. We can set up a regular inspection and maintenance plan to meet your building’s needs; all you have to do is rest easy knowing your roof is being properly cared for!